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The benefits of earning your nursing degree at South College


RN to BSN Online


Minimum 4 quarters (1 year) depending on prior academic history


100% online coursework with virtual laboratory, as well as clinical experiences in various community-based facilities where you reside


RN License

It’s no longer about if you should gain your BSN, but when.  The Institute of Medicine called for 80% of Registered Nurses to receive a Bachelor of Science (BSN) degree by 2020.  Registered nurses can earn their BSN online in as few as 4 quarters, or 1 year, with South College.

Join fellow RNs in a supportive and flexible learning environment online. South College’s dedication to your success and extensive resources provide you with a first-class nursing education online, at the pace and location that works for you.

If your goals are career advancement and higher earning potential, take that first step today.   Obtaining your BSN may give you an advantage when competing against others for desirable positions.

South College’s RN to BSN program teaches you advanced, required skills that help prepare you to continue to grow as a successful nurse. Through state-of-the-art lab facilities, dedicated instructors, innovative curriculum and experiential learning, you will learn about critical thinking, evidence-based care, research, and leadership.  Other learning opportunities include:

  • Clinical practice experience in community based facilities
  • Informatics
  • Pharmacology
  • Health promotion
  • Research

South College’s RN to BSN online program is designed to help eliminate barriers to learning while working or raising a family. Whether you’re next door or on the other side of the country, you can pursue your degree as you work to advance your career.

“I am excited to help facilitate students who desire to “answer the call” in to the nursing profession. Whether it is for the traditional BSN students, or students who have pursued other careers and now wish to engage as an Accelerated BSN student, our faculty are passionate about student success.”

Audrey Auer, Program Chair

The transition from RN to BSN may help you become a more well-rounded nurse by having a diverse skill set. The courses will focus on broadening your ability to think critically, give evidence-based care and serve as a leader to those around you. The RN to BSN program is not here to teach you what you already know but to build on it. Better education makes you better at what you do.


Admission is open to those who meet the appropriate criteria.

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The nursing faculty at South College are committed to teach, mentor, and guide registered nurses as they advance their nursing education. Our RN to BSN curriculum is designed to allow working registered nurses the flexibility to take their career to the next level.

Build upon your skills as a nurse by earning your bachelor’s in nursing degree with our RN to BSN program.
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